Actively involved in the process, from start to satisfaction…
G.M.G. Sasportas produces superior-quality precision diamonds from raw stones to the final polishing touches and project assignment.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of baguettes in Israel, responding rapidly to customer orders as they are received. In addition, its inventory of “Per Parcel” diamonds is produced outside the country at hand-picked manufacturing facilities, whose teams share the company’s standards for accuracy and elegance.

At all G.M.G. Sasportas production sites, diamond cutting and polishing experts operate the latest engineering software and manufacturing equipment available to produce an impressive collection of precisely sized and shaped stones, so accurate in their creation that they may be purchased in bulk and used with exacting precision on randomly-selected projects.

Each stage of the production process is subject to a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure that the precise weights, shapes and finishes for each stone are achieved.