G.M.G. Sasportas Diamonds is a leading producer of top-of-the-line precision diamonds in the world, supplying baguettes, measured lines and rectangular stones in bulk to quality diamond watch and jewelry manufacturers, including preeminent luxury brands.

As superb quality never goes out of fashion, the company relies upon the talents of its skilled experts, handcrafting with the dedication and professional knowledge acquired during nearly four decades of experience in the Israeli and global diamond industry.

These experts skillfully and precisely cut and polish matching Baguette, Taper, Emerald and Princess cut stones, according to customers’ specific design and technical plans and for measured lines.

Offering customers the flexibility to maintain an inventory of matching or serial stones for current and future projects, G.M.G. Sasportas also offers precision-cut stones per specifications, in larger quantities.

From generation to generation, the Sasportas family injects new energy, while handing down its reputation for excellence, quality, discretion and… well… Exactitude: part precision, part attitude.